Feedback From Our Clients

“Anne is a great riding teacher – patient, professional and thoroughly in tune with my horse loving granddaughters. She has mannered my seldom-ridden Walker mare; a young Welsh pony and, she started my 2 year old Jenny with great success.  She is thorough and careful. I would trust her with any child or horse – she is truly gifted!”--J., client since 2009

"As an adult, beginning rider, Anne's support has been incredible.  Horseback riding is a challenging sport and trying something new as an adult can often be difficult.  I appreciate Anne's special ability to be attentive to my needs.  She has an endless repertoire of analogies and practice activities that make things comprehensible and achievable for me.  Anne is very knowledgeable about riding, training, and competing, as well as the history of equestrian eventing and horse physiology."--H., client since 2011


"Anne Morrison is not only a championship caliber equestrienne in her own right, she is an extraordinarily effective trainer and instructor. She has an extremely keen intellect and channels that into both diagnosing problems with horse or rider, explaining them clearly in real time, and offering practical advice on how to correct them. She is adept at dealing with very young riders on their first pony or polishing the performance of highly experienced horses and riders.  In my case she took a young, inexperienced horse and an old, inexperienced rider and molded us into an effective team. The fundamentals Belle and I have learned from Anne will benefit us for years to come and will allow us to enjoy each other on the trails and, if I choose, in Trail Class competitions.  I recommend Anne as a teacher for you and a trainer for your horse without hesitation or reservation."--C., client since 2009


"I attended the seminar dinner with Dr. Shalyn Crawford, "Protecting Your Horse: What You Need to Know About Vaccines”, hosted by Sunset Willow Stables.  While the information provided by Dr. Crawford was up to the minute and detailed, the information was also very accessible, practical, and imparted in a very interactive manner.  She gave insight into the current technologies available, how vaccines are chosen for a particular area and equine sport, and practical details on how vaccines should be given by the non-veterinary professional, if required.  She also had a question and answer period to entertain questions from the audience about any equine veterinary topic.    I found the evening very worthwhile and enjoyable, and loved the dinner!   I look forward to the next in the series of seminar dinners at Sunset Willow Stables." ---C.


"What an informing seminar I attended at Sunset Willow on Sun. The clinician was Dr. Shalyn Crawford,so smart and caring about our equine friends! I learned a great deal I shall put into practice . Stephanie's barn,decorations,food and graciousness made one feel comfortable and pampered! Anne had clearly spent hours and hours planning for this event,which was all wrapped up in door prizes and some informative games. I felt so blessed to be amongest people who wish to do the very best for their partners. I shall look forward to more! Thank You!"---P.