Stephanie Pence



Sunset Willow Stables was started by Stephanie Pence and her husband of over twenty years, Wes.  A Fort Valley native, Stephanie grew up with horses and always knew she wanted to own a boarding facility.  She started her horse career riding horses that belonged to other people, and later raised and trained Tennessee Walking Horses.  Before long her equestrian expertise branched to all different types of horses and riding disciplines.  Her resume includes over twenty years of experience in horse care on her own farm, as well as several years working for a local vet.  Since Sunset Willow has been in operation, Stephanie has successfully cared for and managed the dozens of horses that have come through her barn with a personalized approach, attention to detail, and an eye for preventive care.  Stephanie sees the horses on her farm as part of the family.  She strives to allow her customers the ability to "enjoy their horses when they're here, and not worry about their horses when they are not able to be here."


In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys spending time with Wes and the kids, antiquing, and gardening.  She also frequently helps out with the "other" local family business, Wholesome Foods, located just down the road from Sunset Willow.